Tiredness after a Celebration

Beltane for me is always a very busy time and it seems to last for ages. This is a good thing but then again it can be a bad thing. Using energy even for fun events can deplete you physically, mentally and emotionally but spiritually my stores are replenished….NOT.

First of all I celebrate Walpurgus which is a feast day usually found in Germany. I have an English/German hybrid life so if I can incorporate both together then great. Walpurgus is celebrated on April 30th and can be through the night but this year it was a short but sweet affair. In my area we have a tradition like a lot of places to watch the sun rise and to welcome in the summer but again this year I never got a chance to do this. May the 1st has come around and gone again but we still have the Mayday bank holiday to go. Group ritual in my area which unfortunately I could not attend and then Mayday.

This year I was at a local Orchard and this year I traded and let people spin and weave. The saying “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is so very true. I worked this Beltane solidly and now the feasting is over I feel tiredness and sadness. I am angry also with myself. I spent the week before the Mayday dying yarn, making kits as well as my usual household duties and mothering without the fun after. I should have got up to see the sun rise so at least I felt I had done something to mark the occasion but I slept. I did not attend the ritual or do my own as I now seem to just be there for everyone else. I am spiritually very flat at the moment and even the home altar is not reflecting what should be a joyous time.

It’s the start of summer and I feel in the depths of winter emotionally. This is not a bad thing as it’s a way of telling me there is something out of balance in my life which much be addressed….. I need to have fun. Yes I need to work, yes I need to keep going but yes I also need to kick off my shoes, loosen my hair and have fun. We all at times get caught up in things as we place importance in an order. The thing is it is all important. Having fun may not pay the bills but it pays your own bank of happiness and resets the balance. Having too much fun can also upset the balance and the stress comes along as you feel behind with other tasks.

Life is about balance. The Goddess and the God. Light and Dark. Full Moon and New Moon. Winter and Summer. Work and Play.

Today I have set myself some tasks… this blog, breakfast, studying this morning then this afternoon grab a new knitting pattern which is on my list and knit up my yarn. Have fun whilst knitting and let it be something for myself. When my son arrives back from school I will have worked and played so he then gets a balanced mum and I start to heal. Next festival for me is Litha and I am planning on incorporating fun, fun and fun to address the balance of work, work, work.

Well it’s onto a fun thing now and a treat… dippy eggs and soldiers. Until next time may you be blessed ❤️❤️