8 weeks to go …..

It’s May the first and the festival day of Beltane and usually at this time I have been up and out to see the sun rise, and to welcome in the summer. My husband celebrates also Walpurgis which is the May eve which is more popular in Germany than in the UK. This year I write to you from my sick bed as I have come down with a virus which my husband has just got over. Today I’m keeping the blog a bit more personal and introducing you all to some of my equipment I use to create the things I do…. first and foremost I would like to introduce you to “Poppy”

This is the first picture of Poppy just after I brought her home from the “Saori Shed” after spending time with the amazing Kim. In a previous blog I tell you all about how my downstairs got flooded and whilst I was away for the day my hubby placed down the new flooring. Poppy is aptly named due to poppies containing the addictive substance Opium and weaving is also addictive, and I am hooked. I went for the WX60 which is made from beautiful Birch wood and had a rubber friction peddle. Poppy can also fold with the weaving on so if you need extra space away she goes.

This photo is just to illustrate that you don’t need lots of space to be a Weaver with a Saori loom.

The ready made warps from Saori are amazing and I love buying the limited edition ones. Warping is actually becoming one of the most enjoyable weaving activities and I love to see lots of colours lovingly hugging the warping frame. The warping frame by Saori is excellent and really enjoy using it. The cone holders and guide holes really do make a difference to warping. I have Kenzo’s dividing bar which makes warping so easy to do and keeps your warp threads in order.

Saori do so many different things which appeal to many people. You can warp front to back, back to front, table top and beam a warp on the table. It’s fun to try them all and find your own way which I must admit I change often depending on mood.

And just like that ……. it’s now 8th May. I started writing this blog with the intent on posting it the same day but it never happened.

You see something magical is happening. Just as I am weaving cloth and going with the moment and being present I am putting together my future. I have made some solid future plans just by being in a moment and so to do this the blog had to wait.

Weaving is a huge part of my life but so are my herbs, therapies and Doula work and so I am doing them all. The Reiki is flowing, my place back with my Red Tent sisters is made and plans for uni all put down together in one spectacular fusion. I am finally at the helm steering the ship I own and down my own river.

I suppose I better wish you all a belated Beltane ❤️

As always my love and blessings are sent in abundance LM 🌹